Ultrapure Water – On Demand

Water – The foundation for inorganic chemical analysis.

Trovion develops and manufactures point-of-use, electrolytic water purifiers for integration into analytical instruments. The patented Trovion CIRA* water purifiers feature continuous electrochemical ion exchange regeneration and consistently provide ultrapure water with ionic contamination below 5 ppt (parts per trillion). When used with Dionex (Thermo Fisher Scientific) Reagent-Free™ Ion Chromatography systems (RFIC™), CIRA electrolytic water purifiers provide ionically-pure water for electrolytic eluent generation, suppression and sample pretreatment (RFIC-ESP™). Since CIRA water is produced in real time, ionic and carbonate contamination is minimized reducing background conductivity, noise and interferences in suppressed ion chromatography. With output flow rates optimized for ion chromatography, CIRA water purifiers deliver ionically-pure water in real time for eluent generation, suppression, on-line sample dilution, sample delivery, reagent preparation and system rinsing.

The conventional approach of delivering deionized water to an instrument requires that the water be drawn directly from a container. Deionized water stored in a container will leach contaminants from the container, become contaminated as air is drawn into the container and can be infected by biological contamination. With CIRA water purifiers, ultrapure water is produced in real time, thereby eliminating the problems associated with storage and contamination. Using electrochemically optimized ion exchange materials, CIRA water purifiers are electrolytically regenerated, which allow for maintenance free, consistent results and reliable operation.

Trovion offers a line of power supplies and reagents pumps for optimum versatility of the CIRA water purifiers.

To learn more about the CIRA applications, see the Product Applications page.

*US Patents 8,404,094; 8,709,225; and patents pending.

Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography, RFIC and RFIC-ESP (electrolytic sample pretreatment) are registered trademarks of Dionex, A Thermo Fisher Scientific Company.